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The Grand Solmar Cancellations Information Team knows that sometimes, vacation cancelations need to happen. When this does happen, it’s better to cancel your flight sooner, rather than later. The sooner your cancel, the better chance you have of getting a refund or having less trouble rescheduling your flight or accommodation reservation. As far as most accommodations go, a 24-72 hour notice of cancellation is usually required before any penalty is incurred. It’s important to remember that every resort’s policies are different, so it’s important to inquire about cancellation policies at the time that the accommodations are booked.

If you do need to cancel your accommodations or flight, it’s imperative that you get in touch with the right people who can help to process your cancellation request. Depending on how you’ve booked your vacation details, you’ll need to talk to a general manager, booking agent, customer service department or other representative in order to get your affairs in order.

It’s also usually better to call than to try to deal with the situation online. While sometimes airlines will charge you for calling them directly, when you are having issues changing flights or are facing outlandish fees, it might be time for some human intervention shares the Grand Solmar Cancellations Information Team

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