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Grand Solmar welcomes many guests to its luxury properties each year, and many visitors book their trips months or even years in advance to experience the beautiful resort at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas. Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances happen where a traveler may not be able to make it to their dream destination when they thought they would be able to. In order to help gain insight on some of the best way to handle airline cancellations, Grand Solmar provides these tips below.

1. Certain Circumstances Offer a Better Chance of a Refund: Airlines are much more likely to give a refund for a cancellation when it comes to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances. A natural disaster, death in the family, or even political unrest in the country travelers are going to sometimes can be classified as extenuating circumstances and grounds for a valid airline cancellation.

2. Change vs. Cancel: Instead of considering canceling your trip completely, consider rescheduling. If done far enough in advance, this often will incur little to no fees, especially compared to canceling completely. Grand Solmar recommends this as a better alternative if possible, and advises that the window of free date changes for trips is usually at least two weeks prior to the date of departure.

3. And if you still have to cancel, do so as early as possible: The sooner the airline is aware of the situation, the better chances are for getting a refund or rain check. This sometimes can incur fees, but depending on the circumstances at hand, some airlines might be willing to work with those experiencing these problems.

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