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Information on cancelling or rescheduling a reservation provided by Grand Solmar Resort and Spa.

Grand Solmar recently has received several questions to the member services department regarding changes of membership reservations. It was deemed necessary to address the process of cancelling a reservation and rescheduling and related activities or booking requests. The member services department was created with the goal of assisting members in anyway possible so that they can maximize their time onsite, and make the reservation process simple and quick.  Grand Solmar Timeshare owners often visit year after year and cancelling a reservation is usually the last thing on their mind. However, sometimes due to health reasons, work related issues, or travel plans changing, members need to exercise this option. The member services department would like to address how to cancel a reservation simply at Grand Solmar Timeshare or move the reservation to a different interval.

Simply calling or emailing member services is the process in order to handle any grand Solmar Timeshare reservation cancellation. The process is actually quite simple as the member’s maintenance fee has already been paid and this allows members to simply call and request a different time of the year. Grand Solmar Timeshare owners enjoy platinum or fixed time memberships. Platinum memberships allow owners to travel during different intervals each year based on their schedules. A fixed membership essentially has a reservation annually for the same week number, which is the preferred style for many people wishing to return to Los Cabos regularly.  With the fixed membership, scheduling a different time of the year is something member services deals with often and it allows the member to have flexibility for a very minor fee.

Regardless of the membership type, canceling a Grand Solmar Timeshare reservation is still as simple as calling member services. Onsite at Playa Grande Resort and Spa, dozens of reservation executives and vacation consultants are available at the call centers waiting to assist with these challenges. Although Solmar is aware that this topic has been more popular over the last few months, most likely from the hurricane in September, it is still important to address how flexible memberships are so owners know they always have an option.

Grand Solmar Timeshare prides itself on offering its members with flexible booking options, assistance with vacation planning, and if need be, cancellation of said activities. Thinking about planning a vacation to paradise is exciting! One never wants to think of having to cancel such a trip, but it is comforting to know that if it should become needed, the flexibility and assistance is there from Grand Solmar to help a member in this time and reschedule the vacation for a time that does work for the member and their family.