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If travelers want to make their July vacations to Cabo San Lucas special, they should be certain to take part in the Art of Taste festival.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that when travelers head to fantastic destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, they want to make sure that the time they spend there is memorable. They can, in part, ensure that they will enjoy their stay when they take advantage of the fantastic accommodations available through luxury vacation providers such as Grand Solmar Timeshare, and they can also appreciate their time even more if they take advantage of some of the upcoming events that will be taking place across the destination. There will be many such events and spectacular attractions available in Cabo San Lucas this summer and Grand Solmar Timeshare would like to highlight one of these events to help everyone create the perfect vacation this July.

One of the fun upcoming events that Grand Solmar Timeshare knows Cabo San Lucas visitors will enjoy attending is the upcoming Art of Taste, a food and spirits festival that will take place for its 4th year this July. This year the festival will be held from the 15th to the 19th. This is a fun and vibrant festival that helps guests taste all of the authentic flavors of Mexico. The event is sure to draw a number of foodies into town to enjoy the delectable dishes that will be found here.

At the festival, attendees will be able to enjoy not only great food, but also wines and spirits as well, from some of the best culinary experts, mixologists, and chefs in the world. Guests at the festival will also have many opportunities to learn about food if they take the time to participate in the tours of local farms,and the demonstrations of meal preparations that will be offered at the festival. Finally, Grand Solmar Timeshare says that those who participate in the event will even be able to enjoy some shopping since aspecial market will be held as a part of the event and will include craft and food booths to browse.

When travelers are looking for the ultimate vacation stay, they cannot go wrong with a trip with Grand Solmar. A vacation with Grand Solmar is the pinnacle of luxury, and for those who stay at this extraordinary resort, it is easier than ever to enjoy the beautiful destination of Cabo San Lucas as well as world class amenities. Enjoy exploring the stunning downtown, or just spend the day relaxing next to the crystal blue waters. All of these possibilities are easier than ever to enjoy with Grand Solmar Timeshare. To learn more please visit https://grandsolmarcancellations.info

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