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Members of the luxury vacation service Grand Solmar Timeshare reveal that every time they travel to Cabo San Lucas with this provider, they feel as if they are in their home away from home. During a trip at their Cabo San Lucas resort, all those who are in Mexico for the first time will soon learn about the close connection the area has when it comes to all things nature.

That’s why visiting the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is one of the best ways to become acquainted with all of the unique wildlife, as well as flora and fauna that make up Cabo San Lucas. This national park can be considered one of the true prides of Mexico, and a lot of this has to do with the amazing natural coral reefs that are found in the bays here. There aren’t many of these remaining, and this is one of the few in the area, especially the Gulf of California and the Sea of Cortez. Because of this, there is an amazing amount of biodiversity, meaning tons of different plant and animal life.

Since the park’s creation in 1995, Grand Solmar Timeshare reveals its main efforts have been to keep all of this biodiversity alive. The conservation efforts began taking place in order to ensure that all of the resources found here wouldn’t be stripped away, like in the past when the area become quite popular for sport fishing fans and it started taking its toll on the land over the years.

Anyone who plans a visit to the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park will discover that this area, while great for learning a lot about the area’s wildlife, is also the perfect opportunity to try out some of the watersports the area is so famous for. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular here, especially since the water clarity allows the perfect line of sight to see the gorgeous coral reefs. Travelers can also kayak to their hearts content, a perfect activity for family to enjoy. The truth is that there is something that each member of the family will enjoy while visiting Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, so start planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas today with Grand Solmar Timeshare in order to do so. For more information please visit http://grandsolmarresort.com 

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